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LED Flickering Downlight Control Filter 1050Hz


Electricity Suppliers For Certain Geographical Areas Of New South Wales And Queensland Inject An Off-Peak Ripple Control Signal Onto Their Distribution Networks In Order To Remotely Control Devices Such As Hot Water Systems. This Allows For Access To Cheaper Off-Peak Electricity, But Can Have An Unfortunate Effect On Electrical Appliances That Are Sensitive To The Superimposed Control Signal.

Our Ripple Signal Filters Is A Simple And Easy-To-Install Solution To This Problem, Preventing The Unwelcome Effects Of Ripple Signal Events Such As Flickering LED Lights Or Loud, Buzzing Fans. The Ripple Signal Filter Is A Tuned Passive Inline Filter Which Eliminates The Superimposed Ripple Injection Control Signal From The Normal Mains Supply To Create A Noise Free Filtered Mains Supply Which Can Then Be Connected To The Electrical Appliances Or Light Control Systems. The Device Is Designed To Fit Through A Downlight Hole And Is Compatible With LED, Halogen, CFL And Incandescent Lamps.

Check With Your Energy Provider If Your Electricity Supply Is 750Hz Or 1050Hz

  • Supply Voltage: 230-240Va.C. 50Hz
  • Output Voltage: Filtered 230-240Va.C. 50Hz
  • Power Rating: Max Of 250W
  • Models Available For 750Hz & 1050Hz
  • Attenuation: -30db Nominal
  • Operating Temperature: -10 To +50 °C
  • Compliance Standard: AS/NZS 3100
  • Ingress Protection: IP20