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S Click High-Efficiency 5.1v 1a USB Charger Mechanism


S Click

The Modular S-Click™ Smart Living Range Is Australia’s Largest, With A Choice For Almost Any Application. The Entire S-Click™ Range Is Simple To Install, Easy To Use And Creates A New, Modern Look For Your Home

High-Efficiency 5.1v 1a USB Charger Mechanism

Finish - White, Replacement Coloured Caps Are Avaiable

The HNS070UC Has Been Designed To Safely Charge The Greatest Number Of Devices In A Small Space And Is Perfect For Charging Devices Overnight. Using A 1A Charger Maintains A Shallow Charging Regime That Helps Protect The Health Of The Lithium-Ion Batteries Found In Smart Phones And Tablets. The Best Part Is That, Because Cell Phone Manufacturers Limits The Phone Charge Rate And The Charge Rate Is Not Linear, IPhones Will Still Charge In About 3 Hours From Dead Zero No Matter What Charger You Use. It Is A Misconception That 2.1A Is Required To Charge Tablets - Quick Charging Li-Ion And Li-Po Batteries Increases The Heat Within The Battery And Can Reduce Its Life. Our 1A Charger Will Charge A Tablet Overnight Using Shallow Charging That Helps To Prolong The Battery Lifespan. When You Consider That A Fully Charged Ipad Typically Requires 12 Hours Of Continuous Use To Completely Empty The Battery, It Makes Perfect Sense To Safely Charge Valuable Tablets Overnight With A 1A Charger. The HNS070UC Compensates For Cable Losses To Charge At The Full Rated 5W On The Device End Of The Cable. Overcurrent Protection Ensures That If There Is A Fault With The Device The Charger Will Prevent It From Charging Too Fast And Causing Damage To Itself. Tested To A Surge Rating Of 2.5kv, The HNS070UC Is More Rugged And Reliable Than Many Other USB Chargers On The Market. The HNS070UC Is Test Certified To AS/NZS 60950-1, CISPR22 And AS/NZS 4665 Standards.

This USB Charger Mech Suits A Wide Range Of Australian Wall Plates Including Clipsal BSL Flat Stainless, BBSL Flat Brass,Clipsal Saturn And Saturn Zen 30 Series Range, HPM XL, Excel Life & Zetr. Suitable Bezels Are Included To Allow For Seamless Integration With These Popular Designs

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